Favorite Finds, March Edition

April 02, 2019

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Thanks to you guys, I have the most fun putting together this fun favorite finds list… 

Read February edition here. (Where did February go? Besides it being such a short month, celebrating one too many occasions in our household makes it one of the most exciting months of the year :))

And speaking of March, it started off with a bunch of travels - either traveling or planning our upcoming travels, so we had to switch it up a notch (or several notches for that matter) to keep up with things… especially with a hyperactive toddler in the picture, busy work schedules, meeting deadlines, etc, etc… 

To be completely transparent, I was creating content and snapping pictures for one of the campaign deadlines with only an hour to go before we had to leave to the airport (on our 10-day international vacation, where we will be when this blogpost will go LIVE, none of the blog posts I had scheduled to publish while I was away never really did. Technology and I don’t work well together, phew. I have spent the last few days trying to get this all working, arrrgh!). 

So yes, it was an insanely crazy busy month, especially with back to back travels and one too many deadlines, not to forget tax season (blogger taxes is a whole other story, don’t even get me started. Thanks to my darling hubby who bears the brunt of it for the most part though). 

But I am so soooo grateful for all the work, travels and everything in between which have been coming my/our way…

So let’s get started with some favorite TRAVEL finds…

First up, GREAT WOLF LODGE - we were invited to a media preview weekend and our family has been head over heels in love with what this resort/indoor waterpark has to offer. LOVED watching our baby boy thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. You can read about our full experience here and see WHY YOU SHOULD PLAN A TRIP over there, PRONTO!

Next Up, COSTA MESA - when you think of Orange County or Southern California one never thinks of Costa Mesa, but you guys, let me tell you, it is one of SoCal’s best-kept secrets with SO SO SO much to offer, it has something for everyone. My detailed itinerary on it coming to the blog real soon, but in the meantime, go watch my IG story highlights and add this destination to your travel list.

Moving on, the most inspiring woman to me lately, I crushed over her (and her husband) in my February favorites too (I mean, I crush hard over them every.single.day, something so magnetic about this power couple!). And ever since, I have been following her and her work more closely, and with that, I fall more and more in love with her and her personality, Radhi Shetty. Watched this interview of her and I could relate to it on so many levels. I don’t think anything else has ever resonated with me as much as when these two incredibly sensible women shared the stage and spoke about the real everyday life… One too many takeaways from it!

Speaking of LOVE, you guys know that I have been obsessed with this LOVE necklace, it was a gift from me to me. But I don’t think I ever shared a link with you all on the blog (so many of you DM’d me for it). If there is only one necklace that I wear, bring with me on my travels, it has to be this one. Hands down my favorite ever, and under $25. A dupe here for about $10 if you are interested (but seriously, get the original!).

And speaking of inspiring (and soothing at the same time), this music has me hooked... Vinay and I first listened to it in Bangalore Airport when we were taking off to Sri Lanka last summer (haha, with us, everything comes down to travel). It was so impressive - the instrument, how the sound is created, and how it travels. But we didn’t buy it (kinda regret it now). Recently, Lauryn Evarts reintroduced me to it and I play this in the background ever since, it is so calming and peaceful. 

If you too have a little one as we do, then you have to check out this free educational app (in other words, Khan Ki Keeck app, as my baby says). I am all for NO screen time (Aarush barely got to watch anything on the phone, until recently), but sometime last month hubby downloaded this app because it is educational and boy oh boy, has it been a challenge to get our kiddo to let go of the phone (let’s just say its a battle and neither of us gives up, but he has a winning hand when we are traveling). I do love the app for how much more Aarush is able to learn through it though.

Having heard so so much about mushroom this and mushroom that, I made Vinay try this beverage while I tried this one. It isn’t as bad as we had expected given its mushroom and all (neither of us is fans of mushroom, except in very few dishes, cooked in specific ways), but it isn’t as good as everyone has been raving about it either. Though, if it comes with some good benefits we will drink it just fine.

I am the worst when it comes to keeping up with current affairs, a.k.a hated watching/reading news while growing up and I am still the same. I think all that nonsense about politics turned me away at a very young age. But I do try to make an attempt to change that every so often. I am sure you all have heard about this website/app and probably already use it too. I had subscribed to it ages ago, only to send those emails to a different folder and never look at them. But since recently, I have been making an effort to keep up with the world (outside of social media, ahem) and the summary emails from this website have surely been helping me.

Some favorite products…

This Adjustable Colander Strainer is a recent addition to the list of my kitchen essentials. It literally saves me so much time every time I am cooking. I had no idea I needed this colander until I started juicing celery and struggled/wasted a ton of time trying to clean those long celery sticks without a colander. But not anymore, phew! Wonder why I never thought of buying one sooner given how helpful it is.

Given how much time we all spend looking at various screens - computer, phone, TV, these glasses have been a saving grace to my eyes. A huge plus is that they also look pretty chic and comes in my favorite pattern ;)

This blouse is perfect for Spring and Summer, I bought it from H&M for $10, wore it on my trip to Orange County. LOVE the print and #SpringVibes! Same print but different style here

Applying makeup and looking flawless has never been this quick and easy. Gotta love that airbrushed makeup look. Oh hello, you, where have you been all my life?

You guys know that I love my organizers (especially when it comes to travel). Shared a whole bunch with you all last year (read more here), and I just have to reiterate about this one no shoving lingerie along with other clothes, plus, this organizer fits everything I need and makes it easy to find too.

That is all for now and looks like I also had to end on a travel note, haha ;) 

On that note, have a fantastic April 

#SpringIsComing and here is to all your #SpringAdventures

“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.”


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