Luxury Camping at Scarabeo Camp in Agafay Desert, Morocco

April 24, 2019

Written in partnership with Scarabeo Camp, The Wild Collective, and The Asia Collective.
And as always, all opinions in the post are my own.

In the grand scheme of things, we humans are nothing more than a mere blip…

The time had come to say goodbye to our desert hideaway, and in a few hours, it was also going to be time for us to say goodbye to The Kingdom of Morocco. A country which had presented us with the most unique, pleasant, and interesting experiences (including some not so pleasant experiences as well, blame the weather)… 

With the car windows rolled up, as our car sped away through the dusty grounds of the Agafay Desert, I took one last glance at the vastness of the Scarabeo Stone Desert Camp and looked at what now seemed like teeny-tiny specs of white dots against the backdrop of the rolling foothills and the snowcapped Atlas Mountains far far away. One of those teeny-tiny specs, which just a while ago had yielded a good night’s sleep under its warm and comforting setting despite the cold temperatures outside was now no more than a white dot.

Awestruck by the enormity of the surroundings of the campsite and the splendor of the minutest details of every.single.thing that made our limited time at the campsite one of the most memorable and unforgettable experiences, it was hard to say goodbye, or at least not this soon. 

Especially, when the place offered such a quiet and tranquil atmosphere, and shielded us from the outside world, both literally, and figuratively. 

We had arrived at the Scarabeo Desert Camp (or should I say rather say Scarabeo Desert Glamp?), the previous day. This was our last night in Morocco before we headed back to our home in Seattle, USA. 

As if we were saving the best for the last, or the fact that we could use some much-needed R&R after an adventurous trip exploring different parts and aspects of Morocco, this was just the perfect place to savor the last of what our wonderful vacation had thus far put forth.

From the moment we arrived at the Scarabeo Camp until the moment we left, we soaked up every minute of our time over there with humble gratitude. A place such as this will make sure of that - it makes us think about how small we really are, and how grateful we should be to be able to travel this far (together) and live such unique and interesting experiences. 

Life in the middle of nowhere, but within the realm of Scarabeo Desert Camp’s luxuries, one must truly be blessed!!

Sweet mint tea and sweet treats welcomed us, per usual, it’s the Moroccan way, their warm tradition, and hospitality. 

But, sipping through a hot pot of tea sitting in grand open spaces filled with Moroccan rugs, pillows, cushions, lanterns, low tables with candles, and with such breathtaking sights before your eyes, you ought to be transported into another world, one which I can only describe as Lawrence of Arabia meets Aladdin in Agrabah (after all we had just recently watched the Broadway show, Aladdin). It truly felt like we were out on an expedition. The only thing missing was the flying carpets (but I can live without that one for now).

The common meeting and lounging areas were an eclectic mix of rustic decor items that adorned different corners of the space - little planes (that our baby boy couldn’t get enough of), stacked vintage luggage, old books, old cameras, globes, lanterns, etc, etc. 

Once we leisurely downed our tea we made our way to the farthest tent in sight. We were glad to have been given this tent - it was far from the rest of the tents, we got an unobstructed view of the mountains, and we didn’t have to worry about our boisterous baby boy disturbing other guests (though, everyone seemed to only adore him and his ways when they met him at mealtimes).

The inside of the tent (for the lack of a better word, I mean, we have camped in tents before, but this wasn’t it) was #decorgoals! It was a great blend of antique and earthy vibes, or should I say romantic and vintage vibes at its finest!?

With a double bed (for us adults) and a twin bed (for my baby boy) meticulously placed side by side on the Berber mats covered grounds, accompanied by vintage suitcases, an antique globe, iron posts with suspended lanterns, tea tables, a study table and a chair, a couch, a safe, and a mini closet in the main living/sleeping area, and a fully functional toilet, shower and sink with a mirror, this was nothing but a 5-star experience in the middle of a desert. 

Each tent also came with shaded outdoor seating, ideal for enjoying those sweeping vistas in solitude. 

Or one could indulge in the many activities offered at the camp; included (lawn bowling and board games) or optional a.k.a. you pay extra for these (camel riding, quad bike, dune buggy tour, massage, mountain trekking with a guide, yoga class, or stargazing with astronomy professor).

Or you could follow my baby boy’s footsteps and come up with your own activity - run from one side of the desert to other throwing stones high up in the air in utter excitement and wonder. 

After freshening up, we got back to the common area and enjoyed some tasty lunch - freshly made bread served with veggies cooked in Moroccan spices. Plus chocolate dessert, which was the real highlight - it was irresistible and my baby boy was in a hurry to wipe the bowl clean.

And just when you think that you are having the best time and things couldn’t get any better, they pull another one on you…

As the sun went down the whole place came to life with dozens of flickering lanterns that marked the way to each tent, and a campfire was lit where a musician played the most melodious music on his guitar and sang the most beautiful songs. To top it all, the skies burst into the prettiest hues of pink, purple, and orange. 

With that spectacular sunset in the background and crackling fire in the foreground, with such soothing music falling on the ears and cool breeze in my face, with wine in hand and my head in my hubby’s arms, it was the most magical evening in the mystical desert.

All of this was followed by dinner in one of the coziest and most romantic settings ever, with candle lights and live music. They served soup, tagine and apple tart for dinner. All the food was fresh and delicious. 

After dinner, we headed back to the tent which was made warm by the fireplace and candles. We were surely living in some kind of a fairytale. After a great night’s sleep, we woke up to the sweet sound of the desert the following morning. 

Unfortunately, it was a very cloudy night and we missed out on the opportunity to sit outdoors stargazing. 

Breakfast was a mix of continental and Moroccan spread, and to enjoy that deliciousness outdoors in the crisp morning air was an experience in itself. 


And that, in a nutshell, was our one-of-a-kind, unforgettable camping experience at the Scarabeo Stone Desert Camp, located in the heart of the barren Agafay Desert, only 35 kms from Marrakech. 

Since not everyone has the luxury of time (10+ hrs) to travel all the way down to the Sahara Desert (especially if you are traveling with kids) the Scarabeo Camp will more than satisfy your thirst for a desert adventure when you visit Morocco (except, there’s no soft sand, but that’s A-OK!) 

So, pack your bags and escape to the Scarabeo Camp to do nothing but only to indulge in the magic of Moroccan Desert Glamping, and relax and rejuvenate! With plenty of lounging space, dozens of books, and board games, it is just what you need to disconnect from the outside world and spend some uninterrupted (no internet and no electricity) quality time with yourself and your travel companions. 

“Two Of The Greatest Gifts We Can Give Our Children Are Roots And Wings”


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