Mother's Day Celebrations & Unique Gift Ideas

May 09, 2019

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May 12th) and it makes me so soooo excited…

Though mothers should be celebrated every single day and not just one day in the entire year, I will happily take all the pampering and spoiling that comes my way in the name of Mother’s Day ;)

I mean, who wouldn’t, right!?

The term mother has surely brought a whole new dimension into perspective in my life, and it makes me feel all the things and feelings that I quite can’t explain (and I am sure every fellow mom feels the same way)! 

While all a mother needs is her children's unconditional love, giving her a gift to bring about another sweet smile on her face is all too worth it. After all, she does so much for us and she only deserves the absolute best, and this is only a small token of appreciation! 

P.S: Not just your mom, but also your mother-in-law, a fellow-mom, etc. 

And speaking of gifts, while you could opt for the classics - a card, chocolates, flowers, followed by a nice brunch, do a little something different this Mother’s Day and surprise her the way my boys did. If you aren’t sure what I am talking about then head over to this post on my IG right now and get planning. Trust me, your mama is going get all teary eyed. 

Or you could also choose from some of these other thoughtful, creative, and unique gift ideas…

Pro Tip: The gift you choose for that special mama should either pamper her (oh she so so deserves it!), make her day to day, and life in general a lot easier (oh she’s going to love you a little extra extra for this), and/or make her heart and soul happy (now that is priceless and timeless)…

* Bed in Breakfast (order or make) - it has to be the sweetest thing that you could do for her! 

* Handmade Gifts - they always hold a very special place (from the first time you drew her those doodles when you were just a toddler). 

* Sign Her Up For A Class - painting, artwork, dance, etc, etc. Better yet, go to one together and create some magic.

* Charm or Personalized Necklaces - there’s something so special about these necklaces. I got one customized at Kendra Scott recently and I absolutely LOVE it! I included 3 charms that are representative of all 3 of us (one for each of us). Here is another option

* Essential Oil Diffuser, Candles, Plants (or maybe even seeds) - she needs all the positive, good, and zen vibes she can get. 

* ClassPass Membership - if she has been meaning to get back into a workout routine but has been struggling to take the first step then get her this membership so she can try different classes and have fun while at it. 

* Send Her On A Trip - a solo trip is so refreshing (read why here), and if nothing a staycation is good enough. She deserves a few days of uninterrupted ME-TIME!!

* Membership to these apps (or more) - these are both practical and very unique gifts - Audible (book reading app), Blinkist, etc. 

* Smart Lights For The Home - oh my, this is a huge blessing (will share more on that real soon), but trust me she needs all the uninterrupted rest she can get. 

* Take Her Out On A Date - No one else but just the 2 of you, for some bonding time.

* Send Gifts To An Organization In Your Mom’s Name - trust me, there are millions of moms out there who could use the little gift you send their way. Example: send gifts to Women for Women International's global mission

* Spa Day (aka ME-Day) - as much as a mom loves to spend time with her kiddos, she also needs that alone time to recharge. 

* Photo Related Gifts - photo necklace, print pictures off of her phone (trust me, she’s been meaning to do that for ages now but never got around to it), a collage, photo album, photo frame, etc. 

* Instax Camera - there’s something so special about capturing these instant pictures and putting them up on the walls.

* Daily Use Gifts - a fun robe (I am totally crushing over the one I am wearing here) option 1, option 2, option 3, facial roller, silk pillowcase, silk sleep mask, etc. 

* Beauty and Skincare - this is not as unique but if you want to gift her something from this category then I have a few faves listed here

* Amazon Prime Membership and/or Amazon Gift Card - when all else fails this is your best bet! Plus, Amazon Prime is a gift that keeps on giving... 

But if you still need more gift ideas then search gift on this blog and a whole range of ideas will show up.

Here's wishing all the super moms out there a wonderful Mother's Day...

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."


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