May's Top 10 Current Favorites

June 04, 2019

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Wow, how is it already that time of the month? 

That time when I share some of my favorite and super cool finds from the month before…

And in this case, my Top 10 Current Favorites from May!  

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Current Favorites featured by top US fashion blog, Sveeteskapes

May was all sorts of exciting…

  • kicking off the month with my birthday celebrations (thanks to the hubby for such a sweet surprise)
  • to co-hosting an event at Kendra Scott (and being featured on their Instagram page, thank you very much!)
  • to enjoying the warmer weather (well hello there, beach weather) to getting a head start on hiking this season (super pumped to do this with a toddler in tow on the trails hehe)
  • to listening to several audiobooks (finally right!? and not to forget some really interesting podcasts)
  • to getting a better handle on my daily schedule including being able to work out (4 weeks and still going strong, fingers crossed that this will last forever) 
  • to hiring folks to help with certain tasks related to my blog (say whaaa!? Yep, kind of a proud moment, if you know what I mean!) 
  • to our friends and their little boys visiting us to spend the Memorial Day Weekend here (woot, woot, nothing can beat catching up with friends after so long)... 

Current Favorites featured by top US fashion blog, Sveeteskapes

But on the downside…

  • the beginning of the month also started with a lot of work-related stress with crazy deadlines and last minute requests 
  • Aarush fell sick (ear infection, poor baby) and that kind of threw us off and our schedules for over a week (happens every time he falls sick and its all playing catch up from then) 
  • technology and I just didn’t get along, from problems with my blog to Instagram to Instagram stories, argh!
  • including iMovie on my computer not working (wasted a good part of my time working on the same stuff over and over, aargh!)
  • and the worst of all, feeling a feeling that I had never before, and you guys, it wasn’t pretty, though it was kind of a big lesson learned (will share more on that later) 

And with that recap from May, below are my current favorites... 

First up, the perfect gift that the hubs got for my birthday! In spite of telling him that I didn’t need anything for my birthday, and I wasn’t even kidding. Honestly, there isn’t anything materialistic that I wanted. In fact, the only time I want material gifts is when it is practically required for my personal or professional needs. I am NOT a ‘go splurge on a designer bag or designer shoes’ kinda gal, I’d rather spend that money on experiences!!! But not until Vinay gifted me this on my Birthday did I realize just how freaking practical/useful it has been to boost my productivity and efficiency further! He knows me and my needs just too well, I mean when even I didn’t even know I needed it #luckyme :D 

Current Favorites featured by top US fashion blog, Sveeteskapes

Next comes, these smart lights have changed our lives in the household. Can’t believe I hadn’t looked at this option in so so long. Get a sneak peek on how we use it and how it has enhanced our lives. In the meantime, go order yours soon (worth every penny!), and while you are at it, don't forget to add this to the cart. No wonder, everyone who has used it has been all praises for it. 

Another life-changing find last month, thanks to Jay Shetty and this app, now I can read way more books than I ever imagined I could. Though the hubs is mad that he had mentioned about it to me ages ago and that I don’t pay attention to what he says, yikes! (Do you think that’s true!? :-O) 

Hair accessories are one of the biggest Spring and Summer trends for 2019, and I too, like most other girls, am obsessed with it. A few of my favorite picks here -> option 1, option 2, option 3, option 4, option 5, option 6, option 7, option 8.

Obsessed with all of these Amazon Fashion Finds but these statement earrings (was less than $10 when I bought it), this tunic dress, and these cute sandals are surely the 3 most stylish items you should wear this season (best part, they are all less than $15).

While you need all these beach essentials for a fun family day soaking up the sun on the sand, these props make your time by the pool even more enjoyable (imagine, of course, with a drink in hand, haha). Which of these 2 is your fave - option 1 or option 2

Current Favorites featured by top US fashion blog, Sveeteskapes

You know how much I talk about time blocking/ time tracking and task batching! I started using this timer to keep me honest, and boy oh boy, how much time do I spend on unnecessary things!? It really helps me stay focused and on track (= being more productive and getting necessary work done, more efficiently). Doesn’t cost a penny and I no longer have to be hooked to my phone in the name of using a timer. I have also been using my good friend when I am not on the computer. 

This (sorry, you will have to wait for this to be updated, but I promise to make it worth your while) was my Mother’s Day gift to myself, woot-woot, the best small investment ever! I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle (I always see it as a work in progress) and getting on with this program is giving me that much-needed push in the right direction. Stay tuned for I will share the results real soon, and the results have been great BTW!  

My baby boy got this multi-purpose luggage/toy for his birthday from his favorite uncle and it is surely making our travels easier. Read all about it and my ultimate guide including many pro tips on traveling with babies/toddlers here (read stress-free travel).

With this box arriving at your doorstep, it is like Christmas knocking on the door all year round. While every single item in this box is kinda my favorite, I am especially loving this one (feeds my addiction for all things rose gold, haha) and this one the most. Use code Kusum40 to get 40% off your first box, wohooo!

Current Favorites featured by top US fashion blog, Sveeteskapes

Another motivational/self-help book that I was eager to get my hands on and read (for a really long time), and thankfully with this app I mentioned about here, I not only got the book in no time but also read it in no time too (or rather listened). This book is one that has gotten a lot of praises and a lot of critiques too at the same time. To me, this is one where you take the positives and leave out the negatives (just like everything else in life). If I am able to relate to the author in one way or another and if I am able to draw some inspiration then you have me sold. 

Last but not least, this Meal Planning blog post (if I may say so myself ;)). You guys had an overwhelming request for me to talk about it in detail, and as always, your wish is my command. And honestly, it is a 101 guide and I would have loved to read/save/pin it too if I was interested in the topic and wanted to become a pro. 

And with these current favorites, Happy June and Happy Summer!

“Everything you don't know is something you can learn.”



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