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August 22, 2019

Affiliate links are used in this Recent Favortites & Travel Essentials post, incredibly thankful for your support.

Full Disclaimer, this isn’t like my most other blog posts which are usually long and loaded with information. But instead, this is a quick guide for you all to refer to when it comes to some favorite basics, travel essentials or everyday use (a full-blown post to follow in the future). 99% of these I use and swear by and the other 1% is an alternative to what I use cuz they are just as amazing. 

This post was prompted by some of your frequently asked questions + by my friends in New York… If you follow me on my Instagram Stories then you already know that I recently returned from my trip to New York City (if you haven’t then they are all saved under ‘NYC’ highlights on Instagram). And dang it, it already feels like that trip was a bit too long ago, how I miss those girls and NYC, sigh! 

Beauty, Fashion, Organization, Everyday Favorites & Travel Essentials featured by top US life and style blog, SveetEskapes

I meant to get this post out sooner (like the day after I returned from my trip) but a lot has been happening behind the scenes (details of which I won’t get into here, at least not yet) so this post took way longer than I anticipated (the mom in me is currently scared as I type this, but I am hoping that all will be well soon, if you are reading this then please send good vibes our way, many thanks!). 

P.S. A lot of these beauty favorites are also currently on sale at Sephora (their Annual Summer Bonus Sale is happening right now and ends on August 27). See more favorite picks from Sephora here

P.P.S. You can find more travel essentials here & all the tips and hacks to travel with a baby/kids here.

Beauty, Fashion, Organization, Everyday Favorites & Travel Essentials

“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”

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