Top 10 August Favorites

September 03, 2019

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August literally just ended.
And we have only been a couple of days into September.
But I am already seeing pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, & fall mums in every.single.corner.
Though the sun is still shining bright and the temperatures are soaring high!

And I am officially confused if it is still Summer? Or Fall? 
Or if I should already be bringing out all the reds & greens along with coats & beanies? :-o

Top 10 August Favorites featured by top US life and style blog, Sveeteskapes

I know it is all just consumerism, plus, us content creators make it even worse in efforts to get our content out first in front of our audience (there, I said it), but I am also simply wondering if this madness is making us all forget to live in the present and rush through life in anticipation of the future. And let me tell you, the very same content creators will be complaining about freezing temperatures and craving warmer temperatures real soon. Anyhow, that’s just my rant for the day (or rather what comes to mind as I started to see all things Fall all around me). 

To be honest, I love Fall, and decorating for Fall, Halloween, Christmas is my favorite thing to do. And at the risk of sounding (and being) hypocritical, my Fall decor will probably be up even before I know it haha. So there’s that! 

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Top 10 August Favorites featured by top US life and style blog, Sveeteskapes

But for now, let’s not lose sight of all things Summer & my favorite finds from August.

Top 10 August Favorites

1) NYC 

First up, my trip to New York City… Find out all about it, including several recommendations and must-do’s while in NYC on my Instagram Story highlights, saved under ‘NYC’. But my absolute favorite find from this trip (thanks to my friend) was this restaurant and club. It’s got all the NYC feels, vibes, and swag. A must-eat, a must-drink, and a must-dance-at place. I also shared a whole post on some of my favorite products based on my NYC friends (and you guys’) request.

2) Camo Overalls 

I brought these overalls on my trip to NYC and it was such a perfect OOTD to skip, jump and hop around in the city. Well, more like bar and restaurant hopping ;) Overalls are super chic and trendy, but most I own are heavy and I do not prefer to bring them on my travels or wear them in summer. But unlike other overalls, these ones are super lightweight and the print just screams spring, summer, and fall. So many different ways to style and dress up or dress down based on the occasion.

Top 10 August Favorites featured by top US life and style blog, Sveeteskapes

3)  Francesca's Sandals

Speaking of lightweight, I am always in search of clothes, shoes, jewelry (I mean, every.dang.thing) which do not weigh like 5 pounds, as I love to bring more items on my trips without having to worry about their weight. Plus, they also need to be versatile items that I can wear and style multiple ways. And these platform sandals (or as they call it Flatform) meet every criterion at only $20 when I snagged them (sold out now :( but they have so many great options for bargain prices). This crossbody bag is from the same retailer and was only $25, woot woot!

4) Beach Coverup

Also, something that is super versatile and one of my absolute favorite recent buys, this, well, call it a tunic shirt, kimono, cover-up, or use for layering. Told ya, different ways to style a piece is always my #1 criteria. I meant to wear and share this item a while back, but a toddler happened to it right before my last try-on session aka my little monkey peed on it, yep, true story. He loves to be chased, all day, every day, and he was doing exactly that one morning right after his bath (with nothing on), and this piece of clothing was still in our packing cubes (we had just returned from one of our summer trips the previous day), and he did the deed, yikes! Luckily, Vinay realized it or we’d never know (at least not for long). To top it all, this is white in color, just my luck! Oh, gotta love #parentlife of a toddler ROFL.

Top 10 August Favorites featured by top US life and style blog, Sveeteskapes

5)  Adidas Running Shoes

Speaking of white and versatile, I also picked up these super popular sneakers (will sell out quick!) after I bought a black pair just a while back. If something is lightweight and I know that it will be super useful on my travels then you bet that I will buy a dozen different colors, especially if it’s on major sale (which it currently is as I type this!). I am yet to wear it outside but am I already obsessed with it and can’t wait to flaunt it on all my upcoming trips ;) 

6) Educated

And in case you were wondering, still staying pretty consistent with reading at least one book per month. This book was a particularly long one and I am so glad that it got more interesting after the first few chapters. I was starting to get bored and was eagerly waiting for the good part and didn’t want to give up after having read so many excellent reviews and knowing the fact that it was one of the best New York Times Best Sellers (and for good reason). As Bill Gates says, ‘I’ve always prided myself on my ability to teach myself things. Whenever I don’t know a lot about something, I’ll read a textbook or watch an online course until I do. I thought I was pretty good at teaching myself—until I read this book. Her ability to learn on her own blows mine right out of the water”. 

7) Secret Treasures Pajama Set 

You guys went crazy when I shared this pajama set on my stories last month. And I know, I know, I am yet to publish a full-blown blog post that I promised from that try on sesh (just like several other try-on's) but I am so behind on every.damn.thing at this point that it makes me super guilty and super-duper embarrassed. But here is the link to it until I get the whole blogpost out (hopefully real soon, please don’t hate me or think that I am ignoring your messages/requests, one of these days years I will get my shit together). 

8) IG Car Glam Sesh

Another series of stories that blew up my DMs was the car glam sesh (getting ready in a moving car) that I shared during my long weekend getaway to Portland. I had no idea that you guys would love it so so much, I got so many DM’s from you all about it and how helpful it was. I guess it clearly shows that sometimes it's the things that we take for granted and think that everyone already knows is what people find most useful, cuz those things we take for granted are not common knowledge after all (#foodforthought for me). Many of you asked for a link to this travel organizer, so here you go. A few others I own and love - option 1, option 2, option 3 (in case you are wondering if I use them all? You bet I do, each on different trips based on how I am traveling and how long I am gone for). 

Top 10 August Favorites featured by top US life and style blog, Sveeteskapes

9) Melissa & Doug Puzzle Toy:

Speaking of food for thought, something that has gotten our little kiddo super excited and considerably engaged and involved (cuz this guy’s attention span is literally 2 seconds and then he is off to the next thing) is this puzzle toy that Vinay recently bought for him. This guy is obsessed with all 4 things that are a part of the puzzle so that too helps to keep him contained in one place for a good 5 minutes (yep, and that’s a win if you ask this mamma, haha)! It also gets him thinking and helps develop multiple skills like strong hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving so it’s a total win-win! 

10) Richmond BC:

As if I was saving the best for last, this find blew our minds and it came as a pleasant surprise! I never imagined that Richmond in British Columbia had so much to offer, especially with their Richmond Night Market which has over 120 vendors and food from all around the globe. It is a Foodie Paradise as I would like to call it. We were in a food coma the entire weekend, cuz besides indulging at the night market there is so much great food to be tasted here, even for vegetarians like us. We surely ate our way through the city (including a dumpling tour) and can’t wait to be back. Check out a fun giveaway (did I say FREE STAY!) sponsored by River Rock Casino Resort (and what we absolutely loved about this resort) happening over on my IG. 

Top 10 August Favorites featured by top US life and style blog, Sveeteskapes

Alright then, that’s it for now folks. See you on the other side with more current favorite finds in the Fall!

And now I am off to go get me some Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino (that I simply hate, no joke, you guys probably hate me for saying so, but it’s not my thang). Though, I recall liking it last year when I tried it for the first time (you see, I am not a coffee drinker but I do try them all and like a Mocha frappuccino or two during our travels). Picked up a PSF as soon as they hit Starbucks last week but couldn’t get through 10% of my cup and tossed it out (I know, what a waste!). But as I write this, I recall that I probably tried PSL last year and not PSF (well, there’s only one way to find out, stay tuned for my report ;)). 

Until then, enjoy all the Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice (snag that pillow here, another option).

“Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”

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