Top 10 September Favorites

September 30, 2019

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What the what!?!? 

My exact reaction upon realizing that it's the last day of September and we have exactly 3 months to end 2019 with a bang, say whaaa!?!?

This is also that time of the year when things get oh so crazy-busy (like 10x busier than Summer, at least it is the case in our house, and our Summer was already insanely busy with us not spending a single weekend at home, we were pretty much traveling every.single.weekend, and doing a million other things, and that too with a toddler in tow! Catch a glimpse here) with all things Fall, Football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holidays, Parties, etc, etc, and you still have to squeeze in time to ‘do life’ in between all this, by life, I mean, stay on track with all your goals so you end the year with a bang and not in a miserable-state-of-mind! 

P.S. I am devising ideas on how to make this happen for myself, will share with y’all real soon! I mean, we have gotta make these 3 months count, and even if you have slipped as far as your goals for the year are concerned then now is the time to revisit and readjust them so that when you look back on 2019 you feel really happy and very well-accomplished! Some inspo to get you started - Don't Make Resolutions Set Goals, Balance.Evolve.Discipline, Four Game-Changing Steps To Success, Daily Habits To Have A Successful Every Day, #PACT15

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Top 10 September Favorites featured by top US life and style blog, Sveeteskapes

And as always I have SOOO.MUCH.TO.SHARE but sooooooo little time, ugh! So, let’s jump right into it… 

Top 10 September Favorites

1) Billie Razor #NotSponsored

Looks like everyone and their mother has jumped on this razor’s bandwagon and now that I gave it a try too I know exactly why so many people are going gaga over it! Shaving is such a huge PIA (it is even more so for gals like me who are blessed with amazing thick and long locks, which means unwanted hair everywhere else too, a bargain if you ask me). Once I shave my hair grows back real fast both on my hands and legs but I avoid shaving as much as possible, I mean, who has the time? And I won’t be lying if I said what I wear is totally dictated by when I last shaved my legs. 

But with this razor not only is shaving quick and easy but there is also no stubble. The first time I used the razor I wanted to test it to its max capacity and went over my legs and hands super fast (I mean super super fast), and I was surprised that there were no cuts or bleeding despite that vigorous action. And now, I too am a huge fan of this razor and don’t think I will ever use any other razor, ever (unless something even better comes along)! P.S. I have even tested with this razor on one leg and another brand’s razor on another and waited a few days to see the difference and Billie clearly came out as the winner! 

2) Subway Drink

I know, you might be wondering why someone would include a drink from Subway as their favorite drink!? But don’t dismiss this just yet… When we go out for meals I avoid ordering non-alcoholic drinks at all costs cuz more often than not they are loaded with sugar and I hate it (unless I know that a drink is really good then I don’t mind the sugar, but that happens extremely rarely though)! I mean, why ruin a drink by adding tons of sugar to it right, and why those unnecessary calories!? This is the case even at my beloved Panera Bread, sigh! 

But recently, I was oh-so-pleasantly surprised when I ordered a drink at Subway and I absolutely LOVED their new Mango Lime Agua Fresca, does not taste sugary at all but so refreshing and tasty! I recall that they also had 3 other flavors, I can’t remember what those flavors are but I bet they taste just as good, I will surely be giving them a try next time I am at Subway.

Top 10 September Favorites featured by top US life and style blog, Sveeteskapes: Aeerie leggings

3) Aerie Leggings

I practically lived in these leggings during my recent 18 days vacation! One of the best leggings I have ever worn and owned, they are high waisted (something very important to me when I buy leggings) and stay up at all times. They are super-high quality and they are so light-weight that it made packing them into my small backpack super easy (took minimal space) to have an extra pair of outfit handy when we were out and about exploring all day long. P.S. These are supposedly Lululemon dupes, for the fraction of a price. 

Given that it is Fall, it also makes for a great layering piece underneath skirts, dresses, and shorts. They come in 5 different colors and I had ordered them in 2 colors with full intentions of returning one of them. But given how good these leggings are I decided to keep them both (and brought them both on the trip, told ya, I always look for light-weight pieces to pack in my travel suitcase and these are made for it)! 

4) Magnetic Bracelets

I will probably feel like a broken record, but it is my #1 criteria when traveling - being able to pack versatile pieces so I don’t have to pack my entire closet in my suitcase. And I am one of those who love accessories and would pack a ton of them even when we are traveling. But lately, I have started to buy some versatile pieces with travel in mind and don’t mind wearing just those few pieces over and over no matter how many days we are traveling for. 

This magnetic bracelet is my absolute favorite and I have been pairing it with pretty much everything, both during my travels and otherwise. It also fits my small wrist perfectly (cuz it's a struggle to find arm candy that is both cute and doesn’t fall off as I have really small wrists). A total win-win for the fraction of a price of some other popular brands! 

Top 10 September Favorites featured by top US life and style blog, Sveeteskapes: magnetic bracelets

5) Compression Packing Cubes

I extensively talk about packing cubes but don’t think I have exclusively expressed just how much I love (and can’t live without) compression packing cubes when it comes to travel. These are, again, a godsend, especially when you are traveling for multiple weeks across many countries spanning different weather conditions. 

These packing cubes are perfect to stack as many items as possible in them and then zip up the compression zipper so you can save space in your suitcase. It is a great travel hack if you ask me. Even if you are not a very good packer these cubes will help you stay organized and makes you a better traveler ;) 

6) The City Of Girls

The more I write/share about my recent reads and favorites the more I realize that I am not a good book reviewer, cuz I don't really know how to summarize a book in a short and succinct manner. All I can say is that I either liked/loved the book or that I didn’t, I can’t offer much more than that when it comes to book reviews. This book falls in the former category. 

As mentioned in Goodreads, ‘From the # 1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love, a delicious novel of glamour, sex, and adventure, about a young woman discovering that you don't have to be a good girl to be a good person. Life is both fleeting and dangerous, and there is no point in denying yourself pleasure, or being anything other than what you are.’ All I can add to it is that this book is full of glitz and glamour, it is both captivating and entertaining with great characters and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. 

7) Vans Weatherproof Shoes

If you remember from my trip to Seattle Outlet Mall, I had a poll asking if your partner would sport a pair of shoes I showed on IG stories from Vans? (Saved under highlights). As expected, many of you said ‘NO’. But you know what, I absolutely loved the colors (cuz duh, I am all about the colors) and I bought it for Vinay. At first, he was not entirely sure about it (as expected) but we still took the shoes (linked neutral ones cuz the exact same one is sold out) on our 18 days vacation (cuz we needed something that was weather-proof) and he LOVED it (again, as expected)! 

The (one of the) sweetest things about him is that he will wear something even if he is not a fan but just because I love it so much (even though he is highly opinionated when it comes to fashion). And more often than not he too falls in love with it, sooner or later, do I know him better or do I know him better ;) And guess what? this photo was totally his idea cuz he was a total fan of these shoes by the end of week 1 of our trip. As you can see, I too bought a pair for myself. These are the best dang weather-proof shoes, withstood rain, sunshine, and snow even, also, didn’t make my feet as cold as I usually feel in other hiking boots. 

Top 10 September Favorites featured by top US life and style blog, Sveeteskapes: Vans weatherproof sneakers

8) Inflatable Travel Foot Rest

This inflatable footrest is a godsend and helped us a great deal on all of our recent trips where a long flight was involved. Thanks to the hubs for finding this and ordering one! They say it is for kids but to be honest I was the one who took maximum advantage of it. Especially when you have an entire row to yourself (sigh, at the cost of having to buy a full-priced ticket for 2+-year-old) you can pop one of these open in front of the middle seat and stretch out your legs sideways. 

You can adjust the height on this footrest so you can also use it pretty much anywhere, anytime you want - in the car, in your living room, while watching TV, etc. I am definitely updating my travel must-haves guide with this travel essential. 

9) Magnatiles

Speaking of magnets, this magnetic toy is hands down one of the best kids (toddler toys) that you can ever buy for your kids or as a present. Well, the holidays are right around the corner and before you know it you will be scrambling to buy gifts for everyone on your list, so get a headstart and buy a few of these for those littles on your list cuz Costco just brought these in and they are selling like hotcakes! 

This is probably one of those toys that we have gifted many kids over and over (from much before we even had A) cuz I had always heard such great things about these and not only do kids of all ages enjoy these but even I love playing with them. It builds critical developmental skills and promotes imaginative play and creativity, the best open-ended STEM toy ever! 

10) Matching Family Pajamas

Fall or Halloween, how fun is it to dress up in matchy-matchy jammies? Last year, I picked up matching pajamas and a few mix and match outfits for our family. My mom was here for a bit around the holidays so I also had her wear one of them and it was so cute to get our family pictures together. It was the first time I picked up matching outfits and it certainly started a tradition at our home! P.S. Given that we didn’t grow up in the US around all the festivities when we were kids, this is new to us, though I am surprised I never picked up on this trend (or tradition) in the last 11 years of me being in this country. 

Last week, I ordered our matching outfits for this year and these matching PJs are something you can get more wear out of than just on the day of Halloween, cuz duh, black! Again, it’s all about the layers. 

Top 10 September Favorites featured by top US life and style blog, Sveeteskapes: matching family pyjamas

On that note, Happy October! 
Hope you all are enjoying Fall and all the festivities that come with it! 

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

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