21 Must-Do Fall Bucket List Activities, Vol 2

October 16, 2019

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The Ultimate Must-Do Fall Bucket List Vol 2 (get Vol 1 here). 


As if Summer wasn’t insane enough Fall is already giving Summer a run for its money when it comes to busy days and busier weeks... why must the days fly by so darn quick? 

Why Oh Why? 

I am literally running on 5-6 hours of sleep every day, then to tackle all the daily chores, and then werk werk werk the rest of the day (all day, every day) trying to accomplish as much as humanly possible in the remaining 15-16 hrs. 

I sometimes wonder if I do not know how to manage time cuz I always have so much to do and so little time on my hands, sigh! 

Anyone else feels me!? 

I honestly need a breather where I can just hit pause and stop my brain from running at 100mph and then sit still for a day doing nothing but relax. But I also want to do these 314279 (and more) fun-filled Fall activities that come with the season and I hate wasting a single day… I mean, can you blame me!? 

I know, I know, and then I am the one to complain that I have soooo dang much to do and soooo little time… But it is what it is. 

Now that I have bored you enough with my inefficient time (and life) management skills (or lack thereof) let's move onto more exciting stuff and talk about...


aka Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List Activities featured by top US lifestyle blog, Sveeteskapes


I shared a detailed Fall Activities Bucket List Vol 1 so be sure to check out that post first. I am sprucing up the list a bit more down below and including items that were not part of the original Bucket List. So be sure to download the Free Printable Checklist at the bottom.

1. Get Cooking and Baking with friends - I recently did this with Kathy (from PeppyFitFoodie) and oh what fun it was to teach each other new recipes and also learn new ones together. I will be sharing those recipes here real soon, all #Fallinspired

2. Fall Family Photoshoot - duh, isn’t it simply obvious

3. Fall Friends Photoshoot - While the above might be quite obvious this one isn’t as much. Just tag along with your tribe who gets your vibe and see for yourself how much fun you will have clicking each other's photos. And remember to bring along your goofy self to these outings and photoshoots

4. Try at least one new Pumpkin Spice something

5. DIY Fall wreath

6. Get silly and jump in piles of leaves or get sillier and ROFL in Fall leaves. Oh, how fun it is to throw the colorful leaves high up in the air

7. Why just try apple cider outside, make some at home yourself

8. Eat all the fresh and uber-tasty pumpkin and apple-flavored donuts, my mouth is still watering

9. Go on a Fall picnic (as long as the weather cooperates)

10. Bake an apple pie or make caramel apples, wait a sec, why choose? simply do both ;)

Fall Bucket List Activities featured by top US lifestyle blog, Sveeteskapes

11. Donate clothes, shoes, decor items, and most importantly donate food

12. Make #Fallinspired trail mix

13. Try a simple and cute or elaborate and scary Halloween inspired makeup 

14. Create a fun Fall cocktail or Fall mocktail and give it a fun #Fallinspired name

15. Host a potluck with friends and family. Condition - everyone should only bring seasonal Fall food to the party (see this post for more inspo)

16. Try a new Fall fashion trend or style that is out of your comfort zone (yep, I got ya covered, more inspo here)

17. Do at least one good deed each week #FallGiving

18. Buy mums and make sure you don’t let them die, I know, it's the hardest

19. Go thrifting

20. Try apple bobbing challenge (but make sure to wear waterproof mascara, I am sure nobody wants to see a monster before Halloween ;))

21. Learn to dance to Monster Mash :D

There you have it, now go make the most of Fall and enjoy every bit of it before it gets, brrrrr, really really cold outside! ;)

Fall Bucket List Activities featured by top US lifestyle blog, Sveeteskapes

    "Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day."

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